10 Tips For You Lovely Ladies And Gentlemen When It Comes To Plastic Surgery

1. Plastic Surgery Is Not The Solution To Improving Your Self-Esteem.

In order to accept the reality of your new look after the surgery, it is necessary to be true about the result of you getting a plastic surgery; and remember that surgeons deal solely with the physical aspects of your appearance – obviously there is no medical cure for low self-esteem. If you have low self-esteem, or you lack self-confidence, it is not likely that changing your physical appearance will have any effect on the way you feel on the inside.

Low self-esteem may be detrimental to your mental health, your perspective about your appearance and most importantly, your future. It is therefore important for you to work on the way you see yourself, and maybe consult a therapist to work through any unresolved issues you might have about your appearance before concluding to doing something that has permanent effect on your appearance.

Also, do note that people’s look aren’t the same. Some people have prominent birthmarks, some people have freckles, some have black hair, some are tall, broad, skinny – the list goes on! That is normal. Set your own standards for beauty, and NEVER try to base your looks on people’s perceptions. Acknowledge the things you like about yourself and focus on improving them. Even if you struggle with this process at first, as you become more comfortable in your own skin, this list will grow and your self-esteem will improve.

2. Your Skin, Your Call.

If you want to go for plastic surgery, you better be seeking advice from a plastic surgeon and not just some Tom, Dick or Harry (unless one of the surgeon’s name happened to be called Tom or Harry,  you may then listen to him). Hearing from a plastic surgeon will give you a better understanding of the risks that may be involved. After all, Plastic surgeons are best in giving you a personal recommendation rather than some Tom, Dick or Harry as they know what’s best for you after knowing and hearing out from you. So make sure you book your appointment with a reputable and well-known plastic surgery clinic.

3. You Are Not Buying Vegetables. No Need To Bargain.

It is normal to be carried away by enticingly cheap prices offered to you. If the price sounds too appealing, it is most probably true. But the price of falling for ‘bargain surgery’ may be one that your body pays permanently.

Be aware that surgeons work to commission and so it is likely that other treatments and procedures will be suggested to you along the way. Try as much to avoid making sudden decisions and don’t succumb to the pressure to do something you don’t want. If you do feel pressured at any point, you’d better look for another clinic and surgeon, where you feel comfortable – where you can express your opinions and concerns.

4. Go For Consultations.

When you are ready to undergo this process that will leave a permanent change to your appearance, it is important that you don’t be in a rush. A salient part of this process is having proper consultation. This would help you to know the risks and adverse effect of your corresponding decision.

If you want to be really comfortable with the surgeon that you are deciding on, It is therefore important to try at least two different clinics and make sure you take a list of questions with you to ask in case your mind went blank during consultation itself. You can equally take notes of the important points.

5. Still In Doubt? Don’t Do It.

If after advice and consultations, you are still having any doubt about your decision in any area, don’t proceed into doing it. Ignoring your feelings is the worst thing you can do. As a rule of thumb ‘when in doubt, don’t do it’. Be patient with yourself and the process. Wait till you are clear of your doubts then you carry on and find the right surgeon to perform the procedure.

6. Risks Are There For Sure.

As the cosmetic industry still remains largely unregulated, even the most sensible individuals fall prey to unexpected issues and problems with their chosen procedure. It is therefore important you know the risks involved in what you’re getting yourself into. If you don’t, make sure you intensify your quest to know every risk – whether big or small that’s revolved around plastic surgery.

7. This Is Not Like Cooking Instant Noodle Where The Results Will Be Immediate.

Relax! Be patient. Every human body needs time to heal after the surgery. Yours will not be an exception. This is not a process that can be rushed. Therefore, be patient with yourself and pay attention to the experts on how you can aid your body through the recovery before you start concluding on the immediate results.

8. Know Your Gains.

At this point, you really got to be sincere with yourself because you’re the only one that knows what you are hoping and wanting to gain from altering your physical appearance. Take time to talk it through with someone whom you trust (even if you don’t have one, go and find one). Analyze what you want from the procedure and state the reason why you want it.

Think deep. Is going through a plastic surgery really the solution and best decision you can make for yourself and your future appearance? If you can answer the questions above and have gotten an assurance from the person whom you talked to, great! You are ready.

9. Do Your Homework (even if you hate studying).

There is no highland of knowledge and there is absolutely no paragon of perfection, especially in the medical field. Medical errors might be unavoidable, and may be irreversible when committed. When you’re being operated on, Do know that ultimately, you are solely responsible for your own body. You can’t blame the surgeon or anyone else for any damage done to your body. So, please read up on the procedure(s) that you will be doing before going into the operating theatre. Don’t ever feel embarrassed to ask any questions. When you feel like seeking clarifications, do not hesitate.

Doing the procedure that you want must not be something that’s unfamiliar to you. You are not seeing a GP and expecting him/her to diagnose your sickness or whatsoever, you seeing a plastic surgeon for goodness sake.

10. Confidence is sexy.

After considering the risks and the points listed above, and you are pretty firm that going for plastic surgery is what you want, then congratulations. Your confidence level have increased your sexiness to begin with.

People’s opinion will not affect you because of your choice. Your own desires and happiness takes precedent over anybody’s opinion. Everyone can have a say in your life, but final decision still lies with you on whether or not your want it.

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