Can Your Lover Handle Your Love Handles?

‘Love handles’ may sound cute, and whatever that comes to your mind when you first heard it will make you think that it’s something cool without you knowing what exactly it is, in fact, it may sound nice and positive as it seems. Truth to be told, it’s not. It is something you would want to get rid of in your whole life.

Love handles are actually referred to the skin that usually appear from the hips and abdominal area due to the fat inside. So if you have this, you will probably see it lobbing out every time you wear your tight pants. Now, let’s discuss what really causes love handles and how does it “suddenly” appear in our body without us knowing.

We often see the occurrence of our love handles mainly in our hips or some part of our abdominal areas. This actually occurs when we are too lazy to burn the excess calories that were consumed from our eating habit. In short, we lacked in doing exercises, that’s why these love handles starts to accumulate in our body, which results in fat.


Love Is In The Air, But Not Your Waist.


Love Handles


Love handles is a problem and it may discourage us from flaunting our body, especially for ladies who likes to wear bikinis.

There are many areas that the fat can accumulate with or spread throughout the body. Ever wonder why these stubborn fats are more prominent on the hips and the abdominal area? There could be a 1001 reasons, and some of it could be due to some excess release of hormones, aging, lack of exercise, having poor sleep, consuming food that is high in calories, fats, and carbs, and so on.

Good news is, there isn’t a need to treat love handles because they are not posing a threat to your health unless you’re are severely overweight and there isn’t just 1 but a few layers of layers of fat stored at your hip area. Speaking of this, they can cause some serious health risks such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, sleep apnea, cancer and arthritis. Since these risks are prominent, they can be prevented as well.

Just think of it this way, your goal is to be able flaunt your curves confidently on a amazing sunny day at Siloso beach and shine like a babe (or dude) and having a healthy body at the same time. Killing 2 birds with one stone. Amazing isn’t it?


Love Handles


How Can You Handle It?

Discipline is the key to saying bye to your lovely handles for good. What’s the best way to burn off these fats? Exercise. The fat will be cut down when you do some cardio exercises which helps in getting your calories burned. If you want faster results, you can combine your cardio exercises with weightlifting.

Keep in mind that having a regular exercise for at least 5 hours per week will then be able to effectively to get rid of your love handles. Hey but wait. I’ve not touch on your diet yet.

Here are some other intense exercises that are considered to be more effective which includes side planks, bicycle crunches, mountain climber, and bridge exercises. Just google it if you have not heard of these terms before. If you want to do some extreme adventure to get rid of your love handles and yet having “fun” at the same time, you can do outdoor activities such as brisk walking, cycling, and swimming.

Here comes the most difficult part, which is maintaining a healthy diet. It is a must and highly important which not only helps in getting rid of your love handles, but also to make your physique healthy and strong. Start by planning out a list of foods you need to avoid such as carbs and sugar. Start focusing on consuming food that are rich in protein and low in fats. Do include leafy vegetables as their nutritious factors are good for the body. Not harm trying it right? It will help you look healthier physically and emotionally. In the 1st place there’s nothing to lose since you are reading this article for reasons. Remember, You are what you eat.


Love Handles


To sum it all up, love handles occurs depending on how much you eat and exercise. If your love handles are bothering you, well, I suggest you consult a medical specialist to discuss your overall concerns about your love handles. If you have tried exercising and switched to healthy eating lifestyle but have not seen much results, approaching a specialist the will be the way to go then. It’s like taking on the express route. These specialists can instantly reduce your love handles through the surgical way which the procedure is called liposuction.

All the best for your adventure of bidding goodbye to your love handles.


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