Everything You Need To Know About Brazilian Butt Lift And How Deadly It Can Be

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There’s a rise for women in today’s generation for having a strong desire for a larger bottom (buttock/ass) which has become more popular for them to undergo such procedures. The main reason for such popularity is because well know celebrities are doing it. Also, I guess this helps to boost their self-confidence where they can flaunt their butts all the way around. But little did they know, by them opting to go under the knife for this particular procedure, they didn’t know what kind of risk they will be expecting.
The number of patients who chose to undergo Brazilian butt lift procedure has been doubling each year and it was pretty alarming despite the fact that there is news all over the world stating that people have died from such procedures.
According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), Brazilian butt lift surgery is the most dangerous aesthetic procedure to undergo. Adding on, it has the highest death rate out of all aesthetic procedures worldwide according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
This kind of surgery has been performed on popular to international high-profile celebrities and personalities who can afford the procedure. By saying this, it means that this group of people have a lesser chance of meeting death due to the huge amount they’ve paid for in getting a really exceptionally good surgeon to perform this procedure.
Many hoped to achieve the desired big bums so as to fit in with the modern body trend, and these patients are putting themselves at risk to undergo Brazilian butt lift through cheaper alternatives by traveling overseas to have their butts done. The verdict is that, the cheaper it is, the more dangerous the surgery will turn out. You get what you paid for, period.


What is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?


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No doubt, it’s a butt lift procedure that’s originated from Brazil. A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that targets to remove the fat from a specific area of the body and transplant it into the buttocks to make it look large, round, and perky.
Patients go through Brazilian butt lift surgery for some aesthetic reasons. Most of them undergo the procedure after weight loss, encountering irregular distortion of the pelvic, and some body proportion problems as they want to achieve the proper balance and shape of an ideal body.
In order to make the surgery successful, a fat graft taken from one part of the body needs nutrition that will be injected into the tissue. The fat can only survive if it is injected into the other fat, and not into the muscle because this is where exactly the risk happens.
Little do people know, when the fat is injected inappropriately into the buttocks, this will lead the patient to death. The other serious problems that might cause the surgery unsuccessful is fat embolism where the fat enters the bloodstream that blocks the flow of blood vessel. Also, in the lungs where the fat blocks the oxygen from entering the bloodstream. Another complication is that, if the fat flows into the brain, it can cause a stroke which all these problems can lead to death.
Sounds scary? Well, I have yet to touch on the volume of the fat yet. Most plastic surgeons will take 300ml of fat as the limit to be a safe amount. This is usually slightly less than a can of soda in size. However, some “experienced” surgeons prefer using a much larger volume of fat that is typically measured in litres as they believe that increasing the amount of fat injected would yield better results. However, studies have shown that 30%-40% of that fat used either atrophies (a.k.a waste away) or shrinks, therefore the focus isn’t on “How much fat should be injected?” but rather “What should we do to retain the fat?”.
Increasing the amount of fat injected also puts patients at risk of complications like fat necrosis and liquefaction as the fat cells are unable to survive due to large volume of fat transferred in a single session. Lumpiness can also occur, and is usually caused by injecting too much fat in one particular area.

Highest Mortality Rate among Other Cosmetic Procedures

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In 2017, plastic surgeons from across the world said that there was an increasing death rate among patients who underwent Brazilian butt lift. This procedure is deliberated as the only plastic surgery that has the highest number of deaths.
Plastic surgeons found out that fat embolism is the leading cause of death in undergoing aesthetic surgeries, including BBL. Deaths from BBL surgery typically happen because of the gluteal blood vessels that are slowly becoming damaged in the midst of the procedure.
Therefore, for surgeons who are performing BBL, they better know what they are doing. It’s a no go to put injections into muscles.
Normally, most of these deaths have happened because of the “self-proclaimed qualified practitioners” who used to perform BBL in unregistered facilities with no business permits and papers which commonly offer cheap procedure. So now you know where are these deaths are coming from.

Bottom line: Is it worth the risk?

In today’s sprouting of beauty and aesthetic trend, Brazilian butt lift remains popular despite its risky procedure. Women around the world including Asia are considering to have this procedure. There are some countries that order the ban to BBL, hence women who is keen on this procedure but doesn’t have it in their country, decides to travel abroad to countries that offers BBL procedures.
There is absolutely nothing wrong of undergoing BBL in wanting to have a beautiful butt. It is important for the surgeons to spell out the risks loud and clear to whoever is wanting to go through this procedure.

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Patients’ safety should be considered as the top priority. They must put in their heart and mind to perform the procedure very carefully so as to lessen the growing death rate of patients undergoing BBL.

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