The Rising Phenomenon of ‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’

Snapchat Dysmorphia


“I want to look how I look with these Snapchat filters in person that make my whole look a total beauty.”
A classy expression that comes from a person who has been spontaneously obsessed with Snapchat that allows herself to take filtered selfies, making her look ‘perfect’ in digital picture.
Today, everybody has been going gaga on the use of Snapchat filters as these satisfy them to achieve beauty. Social media enthusiasts use variety of filters and some airbrush apps to gain more friends and followers on social media while trying to mimic look the same with their filtered selfies in real life.
Since the emergence of this phenomenon has been turning out to be popular to most people, little do they know that these filters might trigger them to feel fretful because it only deals with unrealistic standards of beauty. These people tend to compare how much they look like in real life to their filtered selfies without knowing that this can actually lead them to feel embarrassed about their appearance and body image.


What Is Hype About This Snapchat Filters?


Snapchat Dysmorphia


According to a new research from Boston University School of Medicine, body dysmorphia is a mental health condition in which people feel excessively concerned and anxious about their appearance. The authors also state that Snapchat filters “alter people’s perception of beauty worldwide.”
The authors of the recent article emphasized “Snapchat dysmorphia” as an emerging phenomenon that is impulsively taking over patients to cause them to stop suggesting to look like their idols or celebrities, but to look more like their own filtered and enhanced selfies with their imaginary desires.
Moreover, the researchers highlight that people, who have been craving to reach their own aspiration of beauty, are asking their plastic surgeons to make them look more like filtered and edited version of themselves. Briefly, they want to look like exactly the same of what their filtered snapshots gave them.

Are The Doctors up to it?

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 55% of surgeons said that that in 2017 patients who underwent plastic surgery were requesting procedures that aim to improve their appearance just like what in their filtered selfies, compared to 42% of respondents on the previous year.

Snapchat Dysmorphia

Based on the Boston University research article, it is often impossible and unachievable for humans to end up looking like their polished and edited selfies because apps such as Snapchat and Instagram are only the tools that blind them to figure out the difference of reality and fantasy when it comes to beauty standard. These apps acts as a express Photoshop where it can alter their looks on a virtual photo which can contribute to anxiety about their body issues.

Furthermore, the prevalent convenience and accessibility of photo-editing apps can affect the patients’ desires and expectations of what their appearance should look like. Patients have been demanding to attain what they want to look like as most of them keep asking their surgeons to get rid of their unwanted spots on their face just to look the same way with their filtered selfies.

However, most surgeons urge that whatever their patients’ request about their desire to look more like their filtered selfies is truly unrealistic and unattainable. Trying to make this possible may lead to distorted facial dimensions, and might end up with nothing but dissatisfaction if the results failed. Since patients have been habitually taking selfies with a wide selection of filters, they seek to undergo plastic surgery with the hope of getting to look better in selfies and in reality.

Being hooked and addicted to taking selfies with filters can bring the feeling of depression in oneself which can lead to the development of Snapchat dysmorphia. If this kind of condition lingers, the intense feeling of a person with a huge desire of looking better in an unrealistic way will obviously move to something that can really be risky and alarming.

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